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What is Hikvision?

Hikvision is a world leading provider of security products and solutions for both commercial and residential applications. Hikvision ensures that its well-rounded product portfolio, which consists of cameras, recorders, software, and accessories, is always equipped to meet the needs of its customers. Hikvision also constantly continues to promote new key technologies in audio and video encoding, video processing, data storage, as well as new promising technologies such as cloud computing, big data and deep learning. In addition to these innovative features, Hikvision's comprehensive product solutions include CCTV systems, video walls, access control systems, intercoms and security alarms to ensure that every environment is accurately monitored for optimum protection.

Who owns Hikvision?

Hikvision is a publicly listed firm traded on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange, with an estimated worth of over $80 billion. Despite being managed as an independent company, Hikvision is ultimately under state control due to the China Electronics Technology Group; a Chinese government-owned firm which holds a controlling share in Hikvision's equity structure. With around 42,000 employees working out of its headquarters in Hangzhou, Hikvision uniquely blends public and private enterprise to remarkable effect.

Where is Hikvision made?

Hikvision is a world-renowned leader in security solutions, originating from its headquarters at Hangzhou, China. Their products have spread to over 150 countries and are of the highest quality due to being crafted with Chinese ingenuity. Everyone around the globe has wondered where Hikvision comes from – now you know: it's made in China!

Why is Hikvision the best?

Hikvision is the best manufacturer for video surveillance and security solutions in the world due to its strong global presence, innovative products, and expert team of professionals. They have been dedicated to providing their customers with the best possible solutions since 2001, and have grown from a small organisation with 28 employees to a global corporation with over 34,000+ employees and 16,000+ R&D engineers. Owing to their strong development team, constant innovation and unique products Hikvision has been a leader in the video surveillance market for several years.

The company offers comprehensive surveillance solutions that can be tailored to any customer's specific security needs and demands. Not only is Hikvision continuously developing new and innovative products but they also offer a wide array of technological features such as high-resolution cameras, intelligent analytics, deep learning algorithms, audio analytics, facial recognition technology and more. All these features enable customers to monitor their environment more closely while saving time on manual tasks. Furthermore, the company also offers professional services such as installation guidance so customers receive timely assistance when dealing with any technical issues or system upgrades. With its robust features and reliable performance, it's easy to see why Hikvision is considered the best manufacturer for video surveillance equipment in the world today.

What is Hikvision used for?

Hikvision is used for a variety of safety, security, and surveillance applications. Its versatile video cameras are commonly used to create round-the-clock video surveillance systems that are installed both indoors and outdoors. This helps to increase the security level at any facility, as well as identify potential threats or dangerous activities. Hikvision is also used for traffic management, allowing for better control of vehicle flow in areas with heavy traffic. The company’s products are often applied in access control systems to give authorised personnel access to restricted areas within the infrastructure.

Additionally, its products can be used for fire alarm and intrusion detection purposes. Hikvision's video analytics capabilities are great for properties looking to optimise their monitoring and surveillance operations by automating aspects such as facial recognition or object tracking. Besides these features, Hikvision also offers an array of added extras like remote control connectivity via mobile phones or tablets that allow users to view real-time footage from anywhere across the globe. Furthermore, its products come with advanced smart functions that enable customers to further augment their security and protection levels by setting up alerts if certain types of motions or objects are detected within the monitored area.

How much does Hikvision cost in Ireland?

Hikvision offers a broad selection of products at various price points to fit any budget. Their entry-level cameras start at around $150, while their higher-end models can reach up to $350 and beyond depending on the features needed and accessories included. The number of cameras required will also affect the total cost of the system, as more cameras often means more complexity and therefore more money. Beyond that, Hikvision also provides access control systems, NVRs and software licences which can increase the overall price. Furthermore, if you’re looking for advanced features like facial recognition or thermal imaging you’ll likely have to pay a premium due to the latest technology involved in creating these products. Ultimately, the cost of a Hikvision system is highly variable depending on your specific needs, but rest assured that no matter what your budget is there are plenty of options available from one of the leading security providers in the world.

Where to buy Hikvision in Ireland?

It is important to purchase Hikvision products only from authorised distributors or resellers in order to ensure that the products are genuine and covered by a manufacturer’s warranty. Hikvision has an extensive network of authorised dealers located throughout the world, offering customers access to a wide range of quality security solutions. Buying from an authorised dealer will also provide customers with additional benefits such as product knowledge and technical support. Furthermore, Hikvision only sells through authorised distributors, meaning that purchasing from unauthorised sources on marketplaces like Aliexpress, eBay, Amazon etc can result in bogus and damaged products with edited system software that may not function with genuine products obtained through authorised channels. Also, purchasing directly from an authorised dealer will also provide customers with peace of mind when it comes to warranties and after-sales service should anything go wrong.

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